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lamella Exo Trade Company Ltd., established in 2008, based on experience and long tradition, running from 2002's Egzopark sp.j. The company specializes in importing exotic wood from around the world, mainly from countries in Asia, North and South America and Africa.


Wood imported by our company have all required certificates and meets the highest standards of quality. As a company we strive for responsible forest management.


We are a brand owner EXOline - wooden flooring product line. In the whole country we have a network of distributors that offer our products.


Our main objective of the action is aimed at obtaining the highest grade materials and the introduction of new trends in use and the use of exotic wood. The result of these actions, is impressive in its size range of exotic species, so that distributors of our products clearly stand out on the market for flooring and materials from the exotic wood species.

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All companies and individuals interested in cooperation with our company, feel free to contact us. We will provide full information concerning our offer.

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See updated information about new products and wood species in our range.

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